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Writing Update...

As I am winding down one storyline (Jamie), I have started building my next story (in my head at least). I am tired of talking about my fantasy novel and have begun planning it. I’m not picking up Maya's story yet (I am still searching for a way to rewrite that one) but I am focusing on Ghost's story. If you read my short story collection, Nameless, you’ve already met her. (It contains two of her backstories.)

My plans thus far:

• Create a world map. (Once I know the layout of the land, the rest will be easy)

• Define countries.

• Define governments – build infrastructure

• Define religions & cultures

• Write (or at least outline) the history & events that led up to the 1st short story.

I am very excited about this project. Though it appears to be labor intensive, I have most of it already forming in my mind. Considering I’ve already written two short stories, I have a grasp of what happened but I know a novel will need it more defined so that I don’t miss a step. Though the genre will be fantasy, this story is one of pure revenge. Expect a high body count once it's finally published.

I’m not setting a deadline to this. I don’t want to rush it. I do have a number of unfinished manuscripts I may finish and publish in the interim but this novel will be my focus. Hell...I may even paint some cover art for this one instead of digital! And of course, I’ll throw one or two illustrations on the inside too. What fantasy book would be complete without it?

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