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In addition to being an artist, I am also an author! Previously I was published under the name Jennifer Brinkle.  Currently I am in the process of re-releasing my books with new covers under my name, Jen Sequel.  Keep checking back for updates!

Clicking on a photo will take you to where you can buy my books in paperback or Kindle!

New cover 2021 300x200.jpg

Apartment 505

After her mother’s death, Emily moves out of her family’s home and into her first apartment despite her sister’s warnings about its dark reputation. When Emily goes missing, her sister moves in to investigate her disappearance and unlock the secrets of the apartment’s sinister past. From the moment she crosses the threshold, Michelle is confronted with one strange occurrence after the other. What she finds is far more terrifying than anything she could have imagined.

101 hilltop drive.jpg

101 Hilltop Drive

For almost 100 years the house on Hilltop Drive has remained vacant after a tragedy had befallen the family that lived there. Legends remain of the mansion being haunted. For teenager Jan Kelley, that legend soon becomes her nightmare when she and a group of friends enter the mansion one evening on a dare. For something has been living dormant in the mansion...watching...waiting.

And it is hungry...



This collection was previously published in 2015 titled Nameless by Jennifer L. Brinkle. This second edition not only highlights a change in the author’s last name, but also includes illustrations by the author not previously seen or available to the public.

Who could imagine..?

A woman awakens in a field with only one goal in mind…another accepts a deadly mission that tests her loyalty…a young girl tries to survive the night…a morning hunt turns deadly…a woman awakens, trapped…a soul-binder finds her faith…and a young assassin finds her calling.

These are but snippets of the eight, all-new and previously published short stories featuring strong women who are faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. From the supernatural to the fantastic, Nameless will take you on a journey you will not forget as you witness the events that change, challenge, and inspire the heroines within.

CotW sequel book front sm jpg.jpg

Call of the Wild
The Hunt Book 1)

For Jamie Chamberlain, following in her sister's footsteps as a Hunter was all that she ever wanted. When she inadvertently stumbles upon a case one night, she is more than a little excited. As she begins her investigation, Jamie soon realizes she may have bitten off more than she could chew.

Now, with her sister's help, she races to save a friend's life from an enemy she never suspected.

OTaC cover front jpg.jpg

Of Tooth and Claw
The Hunt Book 2)

After leaving Arcadia in the middle of the night, Jamie’s mind is conflicted with the events that transpired at the carnival. While Rosie is away setting them up with supplies, Jamie stumbles upon another case that is unmistakably linked to their past. Will the two sisters finally get the answers they seek?

PB front jpg sm.jpg

Primordial Beasts 
The Hunt Book 3)

After the event in Arcadia, Jamie's world had been turned upside down. The only thing keeping her sane was her sister, Rosie. Now, with Rosie missing, Jamie will do anything to find her. After making a tentative alliance with Damien, the two follow Rosie's trail across the country right to the doorstep of creatures more powerful than any hunter has ever faced before.

Primordial Beasts unlocks more secrets to Jamie's destiny in this fast-paced finale of the series.

Abstract Texture

Coming Soon...

The Witching Collector's Edition

the island front cover flattened sm jpg.jpg

The Island: Collector's Edition

Twenty years have passed since the tragedy that claimed the life of Caitlyn Larrimore. Enough time for the residents of Stillwater Falls to heal. When a new resort is set to open on the island, old wounds are reopened as an unlikely reunion is arranged. Soon, the former camp-mates find themselves cut off from the mainland. As the body count begins to rise, the secrets from that night are finally revealed. What really happened to Caitlyn Larrimore? Is the truth enough to save their lives?

Previously published in the Kindle Vella serial novel format, The Island has been a hit earning first place in the 2022 Summer Kindle Vella Madness contest.

This hardcover edition contains new content created solely for this edition.

Broken Marble

Coming Soon...

Pandora's Legacy Collector's Edition, Book 1

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