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Marble Surface

Support the arts by becoming a patron through subscription today. Your contributions will fuel my creative endeavors, and in return, you'll gain access to exclusive content reserved for subscribers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join and contribute to something extraordinary.

Become A Patron! Plans Start at $0

  • Cuppa

    Every month
    Patron of the Arts!
    • My eternal gratitude
    • Monthly 'chat' in the blog to touch base
    • Access to Exclusive Content
    • Read the first 1st episode free of my Vella serials!
    • My biking adventures!

    Exclusive Content

    For exclusive access to content not seen elsewhere.
    Free Plan
    • Blood Tide (A Novel)
    • Exclusive horror short stories & what-not.
    • Random recipes - all gluten-free
    • Random nonsense about my journey.
  • Brush Fund

    Every month
    I am the destroyer of brushes. This level will help replenish them!
    • Instructional paint pour videos
    • General's Corner
    • Random trips to the museum
    • W.I.P. paintings
    • Access to Exclusive Content & Cuppa level content
  • Paint Fund

    Every month
    Professional grade paint is expensive & this tier will help offset the cost.
    • Partial cuts & highlight reels of current work in progress
    • In depth behind the scenes of my art & writing
    • Art History 101 (for those that cannot access Kindle Vella)
    • Original 4x4 ptg mailed to you for every 2 mos subscribed
    • Everything in lower cost plans including Exclusive Content
  • Tech Fund

    Every month
    This tier helps pay for all the tech involved in bringing it all together.
    • Shout out in my next published book.
    • Pandora's Legacy Compendium - Monsters & Mythology Galore
    • The Witching Power Progression - In-depth power descriptions
    • Character Bios - Get to know your favorites (Spoiler alerts)
    • Original 5x7 paint pour ptg mailed every 2 mos subscribed
    • Access to all lower level tiers
  • Canvas Fund

    Every month
    Canvases are costly. This tier helps offset the cost of creating.
    • Full unedited videos
    • Original 5x7 framed paint pour ptg mailed for every 2 mos.
    • All access pass to prior content tiers.
  • No Committment Donation

    One time donation to help fund my art & replace what's lost.
    Valid for one month
    • Bragging rights of being a patron of the arts.
    • My eternal gratitude!
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