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My Videos

For years I have been asked about creating videos of my painting processes.  I never had the equipment until recently (thanks to financial donations made through my Ko-fi site).  I was able to purchase some inexpensive equipment, and purchase some software to use.  Initially, I created short videos for a Patreon account.  Once that was closed I decided to make those public on YouTube and have been creating some time lapse videos ever since.  I am still learning...Video creation is still very new to me but I will improve over time (once I gain the patience for it).  For now...enjoy!

These are only a select few of my videos.  Check out my channel for more!

Go Ask Alice by Jen Sequel


Just Ask Alice

Due to YouTube's content guidelines, this video is age restricted and only viewable on YouTube.  If you click on the image,, it will take you to the video.  It's over 2.5 hours long but also has bonus footage of my painting Temperance.



Patience is the third painting in my Boudoir series.  The video is also over two hours long but is a lot shorter than the time it took me to paint it.  I have debated making these a lot shorter, but for those that really want to see how I develop the light, shadows, etc, speeding it up too much takes that away.


Girl With Corset

No clever name on this's merely descriptive.  This is my longest video yet but it is also the longest one in this series for me to paint.  I have well over nine hours making this so shortening it for the video was an experience.  My largest struggle with these has been laying in the audio track.  I promise I will get better and I think they will get shorter too.  A lot of detail in this one though. I'm quite happy with her.


Illustration 1

As part of my re-release of my book, Nameless, I decided to include illustrations for the second edition.  This is the first stippling drawing I did for one of the stories.

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