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Writing update

For years, I have been living two lives on social media. I have followers for my writing, and followers for my books. Some sites I have kept them primarily seperate (making mention of them almost as an afterthought), while others I have combined them. For the past two years I have begun integrating the two sides of my creative nature. Sadly, I have neglected my own website and this year I have decided to stop being spread out and am trying to merge everything into one nexus.

That being said, I have also been undergoing a name change for my writing. My books were always published under Jennifer L. Brinkle while my art was always under Jen Sequel. Last year, I published my 1st novella under my name Sequel.

I've been putting off re-publishing my other books under the name Jen Sequel primarily because I will have to redo the covers. Even though I have done cover work for other authors, it is not something I am good at doing for my own books. I think it's because I'm too close to them.

Today I stumbled upon a great digital artist and for the 1st time I am inspired to attempt some new covers. This will take some time to for them to formulate in my creative brain before I start gathering references, but it's also one step closer! The 1st book I want to redo is Nameless. I actually despise the cover (because it is nothing like I planned) but, at the time, I just needed it published. I am planning on adding at least one more short story to go along with the republishing so that my followers will have something new other than a cover. It will be part of my rebranding (for lack of a better term).

In the interim, I am making strady progress on my newest in The Hunt series. I had hoped to have it done by now but things have happened to push it back yet again. I have given myself a new deadline and am hoping I'm able to keep it this time.

Soon, I plan to have a seperate page on this website that will be focused for my writing. I'm also considering bringing my entertainment blog to this site as well, creating a seperate tab just for that. These ideas are still on my mental drawing board to simplify things for myself and for my fans.

For now, thank you so much for your time reading this, and your support. 😊

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