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Where have all the coasters gone?

A few months back I know that I had teased about making coaster sets. I even created two sets as a test and posted about it. So what happened?

The first two sets passed all of the tests that I ran them through, yet failed the most important (at least to me). And that was their ability to stay put when you picked your mug up.


On the initial two sets, it wasn't too big of a deal (I still use them in my home), but the bulk product I purchased online is thinner than the prototypes and I knew at a glance they just wouldn't work.

So I was faced with a decision: return them and keep searching for thicker wood (that I really didn't like the performance of in the first place) or just use what I purchased to make mini art? 🤔

I think we all know by now what that answer is! And, quite honestly, I prefer them this way. I have kept a few of my favorites for myself. I took one to work with me and placed it on my desk. It is small enough that it takes up no room at all and helps brighten my stressful days. I also have placed a few here and there throughout my house (on shelves, my entertainment center, etc) and they fit, literally, everywhere!

Will I ever make coasters?

Possibly. But if I do, I may experiment with ceramic tiles...In the interim, I rather prefer these fast, simple, alternatives of adding affordable art to your home while simultaneously being a space saver.

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