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Primordial Beasts is Now Available!

When I first began The Hunt series, my intention was to create a novel published as a serial. At the time, my intention was to publish each part approximately 6 months apart. It was a challenge I really wanted to achieve because it hearkened back to the days when authors were first published in newspapers and the public anticipated each piece. Life happens and unfortunately each part was published years apart. Today, I am finally able to announce the third and final part to the series is complete. Though I must add...are any series ever truly complete?

This book will also stand as the last one published under the name Jennifer L. Brinkle. My decision to do so was simple...I know how readers are and collectors tend to get annoyed when the covers in a series differ so I know the names would definitely be a point of contention. All three will be available for a limited time as I am currently working on republishing all of my books under the name Jen Sequel. The Hunt series will be republished under one book when I do so. You will only be able to purchase all three individually for a limited time so hurry up and add them to your collection while you can! Links can be found on my website on the book page for all my books. Click the image below to go directly to Primordial Beasts on Amazon.

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