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New Video Posted! Painting Patience

Awhile ago I wrote about opening a YouTube channel to share some videos of my painting process. I'm still learning the software but am getting the hang of it. Thanks to some generous donations, I've also been able to purchase better equipment. Eventually I will get it all hammered out but I'm getting there little by little.

Yesterday I posted my second long video that I shot while painting one of my 8x10's, Patience. The running time is long but it was reduced considerably but speeding it up a bit. I left it that length to help new painters get a feel for painting freehand. I know from experience watching others can really help you learn and grow as an artist no matter what your field or preference of medium. In turn, these are also helping me learn the new software. Eventually, I may even get the hang of creating full-blown tutorials.

Even if you are not an artist, I hope you’ll give it a shot to see what goes on behind the scenes and how a painting is created. Put it on while paying the bills or doing the dishes. 😊

Prints for Patience are not available yet but will be soon!

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