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New Vella Coming Soon!

If you follow me on social media you will know that I have been talking about The Island for months as I hemmed and hawed on whether I was going to write two Vellas in tandem. Well, I went and did it!

February 4th begins the launch of my newest Kindle Vella serial! I decided to return to straight-up horror on this one and it just feels like coming home! The Island will be a slasher and it will also be a relatively short one too. My plan is to have at least one kill per episode! I have 17 main characters and a slew of supporting cast so that will give you an idea of how many episodes it will be. If published traditionally, it will definitely fall into the rank of a novella.

This story will be a stress relief for me and I'm just having fun coming up with different methods of killing people (no duplication's here (if I can help it).

I have added the story with links on my Serial Novel page but it will only take you to Amazon right now. The story will not be live until February 4th. I decided since that is also National Wear Red Day, it felt fitting to begin my horror story. (If you are reading this after February 4th, all links are active!)

As with all Vellas, the first 3 episodes will be FREE! After that, you will need to unlock the episodes with tokens. All in all, it should cost you under $5. Cheaper than most eBooks and a cup of coffee nowadays.

I decided to publish episodes every Friday for The Island so as not to conflict with Pandora's Legacy. If you haven't started that one, hop on over and try it out today! Hate to wait for weekly episodes? The first book of The Witching is complete and ready for you to binge away!

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