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New Products, Videos, & More

Lots of new things have been happening lately!

In the art world, I have started a new ACEO Gown Series! I have uploaded two of them for sale in my shop. There will be 7 more in the series and I will post as I complete them.

When painting the 1st one, I created a little video and posted that on YouTube. Make sure to like and subscribe so that you don't miss future videos!!

In my writing world, Pandora’s Legacy is still going strong! I am posting a new episode every Wednesday. As I'm writing this, episode 17 just became available. I'm only (roughly) 25% done so there is plenty of time to catch up. With Kindle Vella now being available on Android through the Kindle app, it's easier for more people to read.

I've found the search functions in the app can be trying at times which is why I provide direct links on my website (see the Serial Novels page). If you follow my story in the Kindle app on your phone, you will recieve notifications when a new episode is released.

Last week I launched my 3rd serial novel through Vella titled The Island so check it out!! This one is a slasher! Its been great returning to horror. I never realized how much I missed it. My challenge for this one will be a minimum of one death per episode! I'm having fun so far and I hope you'll give it a shot! New episodes for this one will be on Fridays.

(If you prefer to only read stories once they are complete, then check out The Witching!!)

Once you finish reading an episode, give a thumbs up! This let's me know you read it and also helps with the pesky algorithms so that my story can be seen more by newcomers. Better yet, if you really enjoy my stories, leave a review. And remember, the 1st 3 episodes are free to read!!

Not interested in serial novels and want a straight up novel or novella? Check out my page with links to all of my books.

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