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New Prints!

Yesterday was the first day in some time that I had a chance to try scanning my illustrations into my computer. I was so happy with the success that I started pulling out some old artwork to test my scanner for different mediums. The results were amazing so I took two files and uploaded them to Society6....and success!!

If you've followed me on social media for some time you may know of my disappointment with Society6 and the troubles I have had. (In short, having to close my store only to reopen it and lose all my print files 😕 ) You may not be as elated as I am but believe me, it's been a struggle.

No more! I have two new paintings available to purchase as prints in my storefront with them!! There is also stationery and some random products I had fun playing with. I also updated my website to try and streamline links so if you lose track of this post (and others) you will always have a direct location.

That leaves about 53 more scans to go! 😁 With the majority of them, I have some ideas for the products the website offers so stay tuned for more updates!

Find my print store here!!

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