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Monthly update

Where has time gone? I swear the last time I checked it was still March and yet here we are in June. Granted, I spent a good portion of that healing from my surgery. That still doesn't quite explain the time loss. 😊

The question remains...what have I been up to? I suppose it depends on your perspective.

While I was off work from the traditional 9 to 5 job, I spent what hours I was awake and not on pain medication writing quite a few stories and promoting the heck out of them!

If you are behind, when you're done reading this I recommend hopping over to My Serial Novels to see what has been added. I've been meaning to start a new anthology and thought that Kindle Vella would be the perfect place to get feedback on some short stories. Currently I have three published and am working on a fourth. Where Nameless was a mixture of dark fantasy, Slaughterhouse will be straight horror. I hope you will take the time to read some of them while I accumulate enough stories for a full Anthology.

I am also currently working on a few other projects that will launch on Vella. The Island is winding down and I will be down to one on-going story: Pandora’s Legacy. That world continues to evolve and though this current story arc may be concluding soon, I do believe a second series will happen.

I am also (slowly) editing The Hunt series and will be pulling it down to republish under the name Sequel. I know I continue to say this but it is truly a juggling act most days with all of my projects and limited time.

And for those that are wondering where all the art has gone, I haven't given up. I just haven't been inspired to paint. My muse is currently directing me elsewhere and I know better than to argue.

I want to thank you for following me and supporting my creative ventures! And for your patience while I hop from one project to the next. This is short and sweet but I didn't want to neglect this either! Hopefully I will be back to regular posts. Until then, follow me on your favorite social media. 😊

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