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Making Changes

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

As with all things in life, flexibility is key. Sometimes I think this is more important in regards to small businesses. Or maybe it's just me getting restless and continually wanting to make improvements.

I have been talking about changing my name on four of my books for too long. Finally, I began this process and just finished editing and redoing the cover for the 1st book in The Hunt series. I fixed some glaring issues with formatting and found a few typos but overall am satisfied with it. I struggled with deciding what to do with the cover. I have read all the literature and have done the research on keeping covers "to market". Doing so, to me, is a bit bland and also does a disservice to the story within. Considering I am not working for the publishing houses and am self-publishing, I threw away all the advice and decided to create a design I am happy with and one that fits the story to a T. Agree or disagree. The book has been out since 2017. I like this cover and am hoping to create the next two in a similar vein.

I am also growing tired of the layout for some of the pages on my site. They served their purpose. But my serial novel page is growing exponentially with the stories I am publishing on the Vella platform and I need to make some changes. I am also looking into creating a portfolio of my artwork on this site. Yes, there is an extensive gallery on deviantArt and Instagram but I want to start migrating everything here. This will take time to build. A commodity I have little of.

In case you missed it, due to the growing instability of social media, I have decided to begin the archaic practice of newsletters once more. This was a practice I did away with in the nineties for obvious reasons but more people are fleeing particular social media platforms and I would like to offer another way for people to keep in touch with what's going on. And this means offering multiple ways to do so.

The easiest is to keep in touch through the Spaces app by Wix. It gives easy access to my site and multiple pages plus offers a means to chat. Another is to sign up for my newsletter. Both options are available when you visit my website either by mobile phone or desktop (depending on how you browse).

If you sign up for my newsletter, rest assured I will not sell your email nor will I spam you. At this time I merely wish to send one out quarterly. And it will be brief. We'll call it a touch-base because that's truly what it will be.

I am also considering using my blog here for my movie reviews. I have always kept those separate on my Entertainment Blog but I may begin migrating those here too. Only time will tell but I figured I would give you fair warning. If you see a random review pop up, this is me trying new things in new spaces.

For now, enjoy! And happy August!

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