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Crossing Boundaries

From the outside one would think being an artist and a writer would make things a lot easier in the respect of publishing books. There are advantages: the main one being that I do not have to hire someone to design a cover or do marketing. Marketing is easier for me but when it comes to covers…that's a whole new animal.

Don't get me wrong, I love designing book covers! Just not for my own books. I think by the time I am done editing them I just want to get it published and out of my brain altogether.

I’ve always tried to explain it as such: my creative brain is divided. On one side, there's my art; on the other, my writing. And the two meet somewhere in the middle yet rarely cross paths. They stay on their own side of the fence respectively. My goal in 2021 is to remove the fence and finally get the two talking.

Currently I am working on a project that will begin this process. I've never been happy with my book covers (save 2 of them) and am planning to rerelease them when I have a cover I’m satisfied with. Considering this is a side project and they are already published, they're not taking center stage right now. Actively I’m finishing up my Primal Scream painting and writing the final draft for the third book in The Hunt series.

But, if you’ve been following me for awhile you know I always have more than two projects going on at one time…That being said, I’ve also started illustrations for the rerelease of Nameless. This is one of my favorite books and my least favorite cover. Considering it is a collection of short stories, I’m currently illustrating a page for each. I’m keeping it simple and trying something new. Which is appropriate considering my short stories are usually experiments with story structure.

This experiment is opening up new channels in my mind and I’m hoping it bodes well for the future. Keep following to learn more!

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