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Behind the Scenes

Egads April is almost over and what do I have to show for it?!? Not a lot, at least in regards to my social media platforms. If you follow me elsewhere I'm sure you've already noticed I have been a little absent. Behind the scenes though, I've been a bit busy (at least for the most part).

On writing:

I have started the process of world-building for my next fantasy novel. (I am technically rebuilding a world i began in college.) This will take awhile as I have to iron out the languages between the races (redefining one or two of them), map out (literally) the countries, create the politics for each region, tweak the religions I already created, create the world's history and also regional histories, flesh out the characters better, and outline the first book.

Because that project will take me at least a year, I have started a side project. This one I'm super excited about but will not reveal details yet. Just know that while my fantasy world is created im also creating something else. 😊

Another project that also ties into my art is also currently wrapping up. I have been creating illustrations for my short story collection and should be done soon. Mentally im still tossing around cover ideas but that should be done relatively soon. When it's ready for re-release I'll post more.

On art:

Other than the illustrations, I really haven't been doing much. My muse was busy with the writing projects. But, that being said, today I just printed reference photos for my next 4 paintings! Two biggies, 1 medium, and 1 small. I still have to finish my corset painting but I'm hoping to get the oils back out soon.

Personally, I'm still in training mode and still taking donations for a charity bike ride in July for local veterans! (Check out my previous blogs for details and links on that.)

I promise I'll be active on social media soon! (Though I am enjoying the peace & quiet for now.) Let me know what you've been up to!

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