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August Update

Low and behold it is already September and what do I have to show for it? Not a lot yet simultaneously there is plenty to talk about so let's dive in to the August update!

The Witching is going strong on Kindle Vella. With the new platform I am having fun adapting my story to fit the serial format. As my loyal followers know, life is about experimentation and my creative ventures have all been one experiment after another. I needed something to help me commit to weekly writing and Vella is the answer.

If you haven't read any episodes yet, never fear...episodes are being published weekly. With the serial format, you need only unlock an episode when you are ready to read them. And the episodes are shorter than most chapters in a book so you will be able to sprinkle in an episode or two throughout your day.

Art wise, I'm still plugging away at my newest Artemis painting. I'm taking my time with her while I do the nitty-gritty side of business. I've been focusing on my social media pages better so follow me on your favorite sites to keep up with what's going on.

I'm finally rebuilding my Society6 site as well. I've been uploading some new products there with my paint pours and sprinkling in some older paintings and sketches. I'm really liking how the paint pours look on tech items such as phone cases. Plus I'm finally able to offer some coasters that satisfy my picky quality control.

Frames just arrived yesterday for me to offer the 5x7 paint pour originals so keep an eye on posts for those!

I have some more paintings in my boudoir series sketched and ready for paint. Hopefully I'll take the time soon to work on them.

I've also posted a few more videos on my paint pours and my boudoir series. The newest one, Girl With A Corset, is up. Yes, it's long, but it's also 1/3 of the time it took me to paint her. I'm also still learning video editing so be kind while I adapt to a new skill set.

Bookwise, Nameless will be taken down soon as I re-release an illustrated second edition of my short story collection. I'm hoping this happens this week but it all depends on how the formatting goes. It will also be released under the name Jen Sequel. One more book with my name change!

As for new novels, I have some really great ideas I'm fleshing out now. I've been holding off due to The Witching because I don't want to stop writing that tale. I'm really beginning to know the Vale sisters and Hartman twins and their story is exciting for me. Currently, the ideas I have are fighting with me to either become another serial novel, or a full blown book. I guess only time will tell on that one. NaNoWriMo is right around the corner too so who knows...Stranger things have happened.

That's it for now! Thanks for checking in to see what's up and always many thanks for your support!! Don't forget, downloading the Wix app helps you keep updated a lot easier and helps with less screen time on social media.

'Til next time...see you on the flipside!

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