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A Year in Review!

What's this, you might ask? A year in review? It's only February!

And you are is only February 13th. But what an amazing month and a half it has been?

Rumor, legend, superstition, what-have-ypu always seem to play a part in setting the tone for the rest of the year. And what a busy year it has been for me!

In January I started a new non-fiction Vella that centers around, well, Incredibly Strange and Completely Random Holidays. Each "episode" is an article based on the research I have done surrounding the holiday I choose. Long time followers will remember last year I began writing similar articles for Medium. That account is closed but the same idea is now being utilized on Vella. Between that and my ongoing fiction serials, I wrote and published 31 episodes on Kindle Vella in January.

Still haven't started reading on that platform yet? Insider tip: don't let the name fool you. You don't need a Kindle. You can read on any browser. You just need an Amazon account.

Anywho, in February I decided I needed to skip a day here and there between writing and get some artwork done. And that is what I have been doing. Miniart for now but it's scratching an itch. I'll be moving up to my biggun soon.

I posted a video on one of my newest! I was playing with burnt umber inks. She will be available for sale as soon as I find a frame I like.

For now, enjoy!

And don't forget to pick up your copy of The Island Collector's Edition! In my store and on Amazon.

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