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31 Days of Horror!

Most know that I am an avid horror fan. Obviously my books are a reflection of this as they all tend to lean toward the supernatural in one way or another. Growing up, I devoured movies, television shows, and books that all highlighted the bizarre and general horrific nature in man and beast. Several years ago, I decided to watch one horror movie/show per night throughout the month of October as I counted down to Halloween (my absolute favorite holiday). Some years, I am more successful than others. I do this challenge for fun and when it becomes a chore, I back away. My schedule is pretty busy and some days it is just not conducive to sit and watch a movie. But still I try...

If you wish to follow along, click on the link that will take you to my Entertainment Blog where I write some quick movie reviews. Don't worry! I try to keep them short and to the point and (when possible) never include spoilers. I'm not a critic. I just love movies and wish to share that love with like minded individuals by giving my opinion.

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