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The Witching on Kindle Vella

The Witching is drawing to an end this month as I wrap up this part of the tale and move on to my next story. I have been having fun with this story and learned quite a lot about this format. Life is about exploration and if you've followed me for some time, you know I experiment quite a lot!

I'm not giving up entirely on the Vale-Hartman family. This part has been more of an origin story while I was getting accustomed to the serial format. I'm hoping my next serial novel will have more kinks ironed out but I'm sure I will have fun regardless!

If you haven't started reading yet, the 1st three episodes are free so you have no excuse but to try! With the format still being new to Amazon, they have been running promos for tokens so the sooner you hop on the train, the better! I've been reading quite a few other stories and the serial novels are addictive!

Stay tuned for more updates on future writing ventures!! Until then...go check out my re-release of Nameless! This one's illustrated and available to read free with Kindle Unlimited. 😊

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