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New Series Launching This Week

It's been a minute since I've updated my blog. Today I wanted to share some exciting news with everyone!

Saturday I will be releasing my first short story on Amazon's Kindle Vella platform in my new collection: The Slaughterhouse. It is the first in a series of shorts that I will publish when I have time. What's also exciting, is that when I have enough in the collection, I will begin publishing them in an anthology that will be available in paperback!

Until such time, I am limiting each short story to six episodes. If you have been reading my other serial novels, you already know the first three episodes are free! The remaining three you can unlock with tokens. The amount out of pocket will be pocket change.

If you have read any of my other short stories, you know I find them to be fun and relaxing and I experiment with structure (not skimping on the story itself though).

I hope you will join me on Saturday for its launch and sink your teeth into the first story: Feed.

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