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March Update: Think Spring

ACEO painting by Jen Sequel of a woman in a gown for a March update blog post

Yesterday I sent out my newsletter so apologies in advance if I am covering some of the same ground in this update.

March is upon us and with spring comes change. In the ancient Roman calendar, March was the beginning of the new year. I find this appropriate to mention as it also harkens the start of a new vision for my website. Granted, I have been talking about this for some time and began some of the fundamentals back in October when I instituted the Exclusive Content for subscribers. Change may be necessary but that doesn't mean that I will not drag my feet nor arrive kicking and screaming. I have had too much of it in my lifetime and one does tire or it.

But this change that I am enacting is one that I embrace. And I hope that you will too.

Over the course of this month I will begin building new plans onto my site and loading content to fit each one. My official target date is April 1st. That is when I hope to have everything up and running smoothly. I expect some hiccups and ask for forgiveness as I work through the mess that I am sure will come. Though I hope it will run smoothly (and should), I know how life is and will expect one or two flaws.

Yesterday you may have noticed a movie review pop up. I have been posting on blogger for a very long time and have decided to begin posting them here. (Thank my sister as she was the one who prompted me to do it and I agree.) It does align with my vision to have everything hosted in one place - here. (I am keeping my backlog on that site. You can start browsing those by clicking the link.)

For the past two years I have devoted the majority of my time to writing. It is a passion that was also pushed to the side as I built my art business. Having accomplished so many goals with my art, I also needed a break from it and focused on my other creative outlet. It is time though to return to my art. But I also do not wish to stop publishing, nor push it aside.

I have never believed in the philosophy of focusing on one creative venture and pushing all others aside. Can you imagine if the Renaissance artists had done this? I think history has certainly proven it is possible for one creative to produce more than one style and/or item of value.

When I first began publishing, I read all of the advice and followed it to the "T". That is when I first truly stepped into the social media platforms. I went whole hog and created different profiles for my art and for my writing. I split my focus online and I felt as though I divided my consciousness into multiple personalities. Let me tell you it is exhausting managing one profile yet to manage multiple was just insane.

Over the years I closed many of the profiles and combined them to one for my art and my writing. But I have so many more interests and love to talk about them. I have found over the years that my followers appreciate all of it so it only makes sense to build my website around them.

I am going to start small and build from there. Some things you will begin to notice:

  • More art. (Really...I need to paint more)

  • More world-building

  • Art history posts

  • Trips to the museum

  • Biking photos

  • General's Corner (for a little levity)

  • Painting videos (edited plus raw footage)

  • Character bios

  • Pandora's Legacy's pantheon

  • Movie reviews

  • Book reviews

  • Pure chaos

I am equally excited and terrified to begin this journey with you. Excited because I am looking forward to the journey. Terrified because I will be laying it all out on the line.

A lot of content will be free while others will be subscription based. If ever there was a time you wanted to become a patron of the arts, now is the perfect opportunity.

I look forward to starting this journey with you.

Think spring!


Jen Sequel

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