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A Disappointing Encounter with the Supernatural: A Review of "When I Look at the Sky All I See Are Stars" by Steve Stred

when I look at the sky all I see are stars review

Steve Stred's novella "When I Look at the Sky All I See Are Stars" promises an intriguing journey into the realms of psychiatry and the supernatural. Dr. Rachel Hoggendorf, a seasoned psychiatrist, finds herself faced with a patient unlike any other when David arrives, claiming to be possessed by a demon and centuries old. As Rachel delves into David's psyche, she confronts unsettling truths that challenge her understanding of reality. However, despite its promising premise, the novella falls short of expectations.

when i look at the sky all i see are stars

One of the novella's strengths lies in its readability. Stred crafts a narrative that flows smoothly, allowing readers to breeze through its pages in just a few short sittings. Additionally, the incorporation of elements of splatterpunk and cosmic horror adds a layer of intrigue to the story, promising a blend of gore and existential dread.

Yet, despite these promising elements, "When I Look at the Sky All I See Are Stars" ultimately fails to deliver a truly engaging or emotionally resonant experience. While there is no shortage of intended gore and horror, the novella lacks the depth and emotional complexity needed to truly captivate its audience. Instead, it reads more like a clinical report, detached and devoid of genuine emotion.

Furthermore, the novella's pacing and narrative structure leave much to be desired. The abrupt shifts in perspective without clear delineation make it difficult for readers to fully immerse themselves in the story, resulting in a disjointed and confusing reading experience.

Overall, "When I Look at the Sky All I See Are Stars" may appeal to readers seeking a quick and easy read with elements of horror and the supernatural. However, those expecting a deeper exploration of the human psyche or a more compelling narrative may find themselves disappointed. In the end, while the novella has its moments, it ultimately fails to leave a lasting impression.

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