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Marble Surface

If you have ever purchased art supplies, you know how costly it can be. You can help offset that expense by being a patron of the arts and donating to the cause! All of my donations are used strictly for replenishing my supplies so that I may continue to keep my prices low on my original art.  You can donate a quick $5 by choosing the one time only 'No Commitment Donation' below. Or choose the orange "Donate" button to select any amount.

Something new to my site is 'Exclusive Content'! I am very excited to offer this FREE to my loyal followers. There is already content ready to unlock waiting in my blog for you! So sign up today!

Donate or Sign up for Exclusive Content!

  • No Committment Donation

    One time donation to help fund my art & replace what's lost.
    Valid for one month
    • Bragging rights of being a patron of the arts.
    • My eternal gratitude!

    Exclusive Content

    For access to exclusive content.
    Free Plan
    • Includes "The Collector: Teaser"
    • Exclusive short stories & what-not.
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