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Enter the World of Jen Sequel

A Traditional Portrait Artist

I am, an artist, an author, and an entertainment junkie.  I am curious about any- and everything about the world around me.  I am continually seeking to push myself daily and reach new limits with my art & writing.  I do not limit myself to one medium or style other than one of beauty and transformation.

Welcome to my world.

Modern Girl painting by Jen Sequel

Artist Bio

Jen Sequel

Professional info

I never saw an ugly thing in my life; for let the form of an object be what it may - light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful. ~John Constable


Awards, Exhibitions, and Publications

Group Exhibitions / Juried Awards


Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Arts Exhibition, 2019, Hannah, Juror's Award

Spring Art Show, 2018, Dragon Tamer, Best In Show; 2nd place People's Choice

History Inspires Art Show, 2016, Fort Pitt Museum, The Half-King and His Rock

The Gallery 4, 2016 Salon Show, Sister of Mercy

Spring Art show, 2016, Redemption, Juror's Award, 1st place People's Choice

Fall Art show, 2015, Sister of Mercy, 1st place People's Choice, winner of Lee Hannawalt Memorial Award

Spring Art Show, 2015, Dragon Rider, Juror's Award, 1st place People's Choice

Fall Art Show, 2014, Jessi's Selfie With Toad, 3rd place winner of People's Choice


Contests / Publications

Emboss Magazine, Issue #8 All Women's Issue, Vol. 1, August 2017, Let Them Eat Cake

Orphan Black, season 4 (2015) poster contest, hosted by BBC America, Top 20 finalist

Poster Contest, Fall 2014, Modern Girl, 1st Place


Book Cover Illustrations

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The Island, by Jen Sequel, 2023

The Island: Special Collector's Edition, by Jen Sequel, 2023

Primordial Beasts: The Hunt: Book Three, by Jen Sequel, 2023

Never Heard of Him: 12 Tales From Pittsburgh's Baseball Past, by Vincent T. Ciaramella, 2022

Of Tooth and Claw: The Hunt: Book Two, by Jen Sequel, 2022

Call of the Wild: The Hunt: Book One, by Jen Sequel, 2022

Thirty-Three in Twenty-Three: The World of Rube Parnham and Other Baseball Stories by Edward Damer

Nameless: Illustrated Edition by Jen Sequel, 2021

Greats in the Graveyard II: A Guide to Negro & Winter League Baseball Players and Personalities Buried in Allegheny County by by Vincent T. Ciaramella, Erika M. Ciaramella, & Enzo M. Ciaramella, 2020

Primordial Beasts: The Hunt, Book Three by Jennifer L. Brinkle, 2021 - OUT OF PRINT

Greats in the Graveyard: A Guide to Baseball Players and Personalities Buried in Allegheny County by Vincent T. Ciaramella, Erika M. Ciaramella, & Enzo M. Ciaramella, 2020

Apartment 505 by Jen Sequel, 2019

Of Tooth and Claw: The Hunt, Book Two by Jennifer L. Brinkle, 2019 - OUT OF PRINT

Call of the Wild: The Hunt, Book One by Jennifer L. Brinkle, 2017 - OUT OF PRINT

Nameless by Jennifer L. Brinkle, 2015 - OUT OF PRINT

Gridlock by Vincent T. Ciaramella, 2015

101 Hilltop Drive by Jennifer L. Brinkle, 2014

The Fifth Pilot by Vincent T. Ciaramella, 2011


Education and Affiliations
McMurray Art League

President June 2015/16

Member beginning 2014


Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor's of Fine Arts / Art History Minor

"I am still learning."


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