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Whereas I always recommend buying original artwork, I do understand the cost can be a bit out of most customer's price range.  This is why I offer the opportunity to purchase several of my paintings in print form!  Rather than hosting a large amount of inventory at my home, I prefer to outsource my print sales through print-on-demand websites.

Below are some of my favorite prints available on Society6. Clicking on the image will take you to my storefront where you can determine your options and place your order.

Why host on a third party site? Print on demand helps eliminate inventory at my home and also offers you a wider selection of products with my design.

Where to find more prints!

The largest collection of prints available are through my DeviantArt page.  DeviantArt was the first place I began showing my artwork online and it hosts a lot of images.  It is a bit out of date and has a slew of digital designs, traditional art prints, and some photography prints.

A few years ago I discovered Society6 and began posting products on that site.  Unfortunately, during my name change and difficulties changing my name there, I was forced to close my store and start all over.  Currently the selection is slim but I do plan on building it slowly.

Follow me on social media to find out when new products are made available!  Or keep checking my blog here for updates.

Have the Wix Spaces app?  That's the easiest way to keep in touch!


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