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Writing update

Today is turning out to be very productive indeed. I finally overcame a writers block and am currently writing the final chapters to Book Three in The Hunt series. I will be publishing this for a limited time under my pen name Jennifer L. Brinkle before re-releasing all three in one volume under the name Jen Sequel. I decided to do this for the collectors out there that prefer all books in a series to match. This is something I prefer as a reader so it only makes sense as an author.

After this, I will be focusing on writing one of my fantasy series. I've already started the world building stage. This will take awhile but in the interim I will also be re-releasing my previous books under the name Sequel with new covers. (Hopefully I can catch some of the glaring typos too.) To keep you interested as well, don't be surprised if I publish another novella or short story collection. Those that know me know that I'm not happy if I don't have multiple projects going on at once! Writing is no exception.

For now, stay tuned for more information on the release!!

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