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Unlocking the Secrets of Art History 101: Dive Deeper with Exclusive Supplemental Material

I began writing my newest non-fiction Kindle Vella Art History 101 sometime ago. However, it was only recently that I came to realize the limitation in the format – the inability to include images, which could hinder reader engagement. Though I am unable to change the Kindle Vella format, I have decided to add supplemental photos here, on my website. These visuals will provide you with a vivid depiction of the concepts and narratives I've explored in my writing.

Today marks day one for this newest venture. The images below have been taken from various sites across the internet. I do not own the rights to them. This blog entry will focus primarily on the paintings within the Altamira Caves - episodes 16 & 17 from my Art History 101 Kindle Vella. If you haven't begun reading it yet, simply click on the link to get started.

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