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The Island: Collector's Edition

If you follow me on Amazon, you may have received a notification a couple of weeks ago about The Island's release in hardcover. It was a quiet publication as I have never published hardcovers through them before and I wanted to see the quality. I received my copy in the mail yesterday and I am impressed!

Today I am officially announcing the release of the Collector's Edition in hardcover!

If you have already read the Vella version, this edition contains additional content never before released! And exclusive to this edition.

If you somehow missed the excitement, The Island is my first slasher! What can you expect? A kill within every chapter utilizing a different weapon every time! This book is brutal...and a decent mystery based on the reviews I received when I published on Vella. Don't cheat and skip ahead or you will miss out on all the fun.

Who will survive The Island?

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