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New Experiment Successful!

While I was waiting for my order on supplies for more coasters, I purchased some random shapes that Michaels had in their wood crafting section. With my previous success on an idea I planned, I decided to try a new experiment playing with acrylic pours.

I wanted to test new formulas for the paint and my initial intention was to create unique backgrounds that I would overlay a painting. (Basically combining my fine art figurative work with this new craft). The end result turned out much different than expected and I've decided to just leave them as is!

Considering these are larger, oval shapes and are not intended to be used as coasters, I will not need to apply as many glazes and the drying time will be significantly lower. That being said, as I build an inventory of coasters, I plan on doing more of these random shaped blocks to sell.

While they dry, I am also going to come up with ideas for framing so that all you would need to do once purchased, is just hang it on your wall! Don't worry though...I still want to make these super affordable!

I am also considering the route of digital sales through my shop on Society6 fir more product ideas. I will need to determine the technicals for that...Stay tuned for more updates! I can't wait to start posting these for sale! You really need to see them in person. 🥰

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