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All about YouTube

Recently I've been trying to branch out a bit and started posting some videos on YouTube. If you've been following my blog, I had posted awhile ago about closing my Patreon account and moving those videos to YouTube. Wanting more polished videos, I've been teaching myself video editing. Thanks to some generous donations and a few sales, I've been able to purchase some new equipment to help with that goal.

Recently I posted my first long edit as I painted Just As Alice. Though I know it is far from perfect, I'm quite pleased with it since it's my 1st one. 😊

I also hope to add a few instructional videos too to help those who want to learn more about my processes. Today I posted a quick video (shot and edited on my phone) on oiling out - a technique that was never discussed in my formal education and is something I learned on my own that many either ignore, or just never really knew about. Ever since I learned about it, I have incorporated it into my painting process. That video can be found here.

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